Some Tips and Tricks of Apple iPhone

If you recently get a new of iPhone, you may get the new features which more interest. Some of technologies in iPhone had been removed and added to make iPhone  becomes the best Smartphone. So, there is some iPhone trick and tips that you can try to get the best performance from your Smartphone.

If you want to get the best shoots from your iPhone camera, you do not need to confuse when your iPhone in locking mode. This is because the iOS 10 give you easier access than before. Although your iPhone is locked, you still able to open the Camera App with swipe your finger in the lock screen. This is make your Camera App open without lock on your iPhone.


If you need to get the flash notifications in your iPhone, this is the easy ways. You never miss you notification anymore. This is because you can set your flash in camera phone being on then off until you get open your notification. To activate your flash notification, you can go to the settings then click the General and click the Accessibity.

You will find the Alert entry in LED flash; you just need to tap it to make it active. As we know that iPhone using new iOS 10 that will give unique features. In lock screen also easier and useful as well. You can use the video or camera in your iPhone lock screen with swipe your finger in left side. If you want to get the 4K HD camera, your iPhone also provide it.

You also able to get the 4K resolutions video or get 60 FPS video inside your iPhone. You only need to go to the video settings to change your best video speed and the resolutions as well. it would be give you best shoot capture moments.


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